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Extreme Picture Finder

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Extreme Picture Finder 3 42 7 0
Extreme Picture Finder | 4.4 Mb

Extreme Picture Finder is powerful web image er software. It allows you to and save all images from any website automatically and very fast. But not only images! You can music, video or any other files - just enter the website address, choose what files to and where to save them and let Extreme Picture Finder do the rest for you.

And you can instantly view the ed files in the built-in image viewer.
The program can be configured to mass images from password-protected websites, forum threads, and even social networks. Using advanced settings you can make Extreme Picture Finder skip certain parts of websites, like entire folders or single pages, to make the process even faster.
Don't know where to start ing? Extreme Picture Finder offers online projects database with hundreds of website addresses in dozens of categories! You can start ing thousands of images or videos with just a couple of mouse clicks!
Another great feature of the program is, as the name suggests, a built-in picture finder. Just enter the keyword and the program will find and thousands of pictures for you. It has different search modes allowing you vary the level of your interaction with the process. You can let the program find and only thumbnails and you'll see hundreds of images flying to you in a matter of seconds - this is the fastest search mode. Then you can choose which full-size images to manually. Of course, you can make Extreme Picture Finder find, and save both thumbnails and full-size images automatically, or only full-size images. Plus the program can save all images that were found on the same page, where the original full-size image is located - the related images.
your choice of images, music, video or any other files from websites automatically
from TGP and password-protected sites
from,,,, and other popular image and video hosts
list of URLs (fusker links)
Built-in web picture finder
Up to 30 simultaneous s - you'll have your files very fast
Online projects database with hundreds of ready-to-use projects
Online project templates library with optimal settings for most popular websites
Built-in picture viewer with thumbnails and slide-show mode
User-friendly interface was translated into many languages
Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10
(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)

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