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Science Magazine :: 2007

标签: 科学

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Science Magazine :: January 5, 2007
English | PDF Magazine | 142 pages | RAR 38 Mb

Science Magazine 2007

COVER Artist's conception of the IceCube array of photodetectors now under construction at the South Pole. When complete, IceCube will detect neutrinos originating from collisions of cosmic rays with nitrogen and oxygen in the Northern Hemisphere; neutrinos reaching the detector must first pass through the entire planet. See the special section on particle astrophysics beginning on page 55. Image: Chris Bickel/Science

Issue Highlights

* Special Issue: Particle Astrophysics
* Biased Inheritance
* Giving Lotus the Nodule
* Altered Aerobics

Science Magazine 2007

Science Magazine :: January 12, 2007
English | PDF Magazine | 140 pages | RAR 12 Mb
Science Magazine 2007

COVER Scanning electron micrograph of Trichomonas vaginalis parasites (gray-green) adhering to vaginal epithelial cells (pink). Attached parasites are flattened and amoeba-like; parasites that do not adhere are pear-shaped. See page 207. Image: Antonio Pereira-Neves and Marlene Benchimol, Santa Ursula University, Rio de Janeiro

Issue Highlights

* Out of Africa When?
* Interference in the Secondary
* A Nematic Fermi Liquid
* Supernova Shapes

Science Magazine 2007

Science Magazine :: January 19, 2007
English | PDF Magazine | 135 pages | RAR 36 Mb

Science Magazine 2007

COVER: A motor neuron from the spinal cord of a turtle, stained with horseradish peroxidase. The elongated soma with an extended dendritic tree (>1 mm) receives unexpectedly balanced input from large groups of both inhibitory and excitatory interneurons. Image: J. Hounsgaard and R. W. Berg

Issue Highlights:

* Agriculture's Impact on Biodiversity
* Random Stacking Beats the Heat
* Dance, Turtle, Dance
* Water Marks the Asthenosphere

Science Magazine 2007
Science Magazine 2007

Science Magazine :: January 26, 2007
English | PDF Magazine | 136 pages | RAR 34 Mb

Science Magazine 2007

COVER Mouse zygotes that are developing parthenogenetically (without fertilization) with a single polar body and two pronuclei. These zygotes develop into blastocysts, from which embryonic stem cells can be harvested. Such cell lines can provide a source of immunologically compatible tissues for transplantation. Zygote outer diameter, 70 to 80 micrometers. See page 482. Image:
K. Kim, K. Ng, A. Yabuuchi, and G. Q. Daley

Issue Highlights

* Catalytic Water Molecules
* Asymmetric Centrosome Inheritance
* Slow Rumble
* Not-So-Silent SNP

Science Magazine 2007

Science Magazine :: February 2, 2007
English | PDF Magazine | 164 pages | RAR 46 Mb

Science Magazine 2007

COVER A protein growth factor (green) travels with the blood past a group of receptors anchored in the plasma membrane of a cell, as visualized by a new computer algorithm. The Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science and Education will be held 1 to 6 July 2007 at Bryant University, Smithfield, RI. The schedules for the 2007 Gordon Research Conferences begin on page 671. Image: Graham T. Johnson/fivth.com

Issue Highlights

* Limits on Influenza Transmission
* Mitochondrial Diversion and Aging
* Asymmetric Hydrogen Dissociation
* Gordon Research Conferences
Science Magazine 2007

Science Maga zine :: February 9, 2007
English | PDF Magazine | 176 pages | RAR 44 Mb

Science Magazine 2007

COVER A solar farm collects a tiny fraction of the 174,000 terawatts of energy striking Earth in the form of sunlight. In 2005, the rate of global energy consumption was about 16.3 terawatts. See the special section on sustainability and energy beginning on page 781. Photo illustration: Kelly Krause/Science (Images: Getty/Digital Vision)

Issue Highlights:

* Special Issue: Sustainability and Energy
* Antennae Ensure Stable Flight
* Tropospheric Recycling
* Going Nonlinearly with the Flow

Science Magazine 2007

Science Magazine :: February 16, 2007
English | PDF Magazine | 118 pages | RAR 29 Mb

Science Magazine 2007

COVER Tectonic fractures within the Candor Chasma region of Valles Marineris, Mars, retain a ridgelike morphology as the surrounding bedrock erodes away. Such findings offer clues about past fluid flow and geochemical conditions within the subsurface. The image is about 1 kilometer across; illumination is from the upper left. See page 983. Image: Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona/JPL/NASA

Issue Highlights

* Routes of Chili Pepper Domestication
* Pattern Separation in the Hippocampus
* Finding a Good Example
* Watermarks on Mars

Science Magazine 2007

Enjoy ;^)


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